Our Services

Kansas City Trading Group offers independent execution services to money managers, FCM’s and large commercial clients. We combine floor and electronic trading to achieve the best results possible. Executing in volatile intermarket spreads is another area of expertise. We routinely do these types of trades and clear them or deliver them to your firm seamlessly. We appeal to the customer who wants special handling no matter the firm they clear. Below is a sampling of the services we provide:

We combine proficiency in the use of the latest technology, floor access, and years of expertise in trading to deliver superior results to our clients.

We have business relationships with multiple FCM’s to offer you choices that best fit your needs.

Risk Management
We have many years of experience using futures, options, and OTC instruments that we can draw upon to build a personalized hedging program.

We can provide access to market research but more importantly in the age of the internet we can help you distill information into something you can use.

Market Information
We obtain practical timely market information from our associations with other industry professionals in the varied markets in which we trade.

To learn how we can customize our services for you, contact Kansas City Trading Group.